Introducing a new way to see
what you’ve been doing,
and what’s ahead.

A Combined Calendar &
To-Do List App for
Your iPad.

See What’s Going On
in Your Life

What I Did has been designed from the ground up to help you see what’s really going on: what’s coming up, what you’ve been doing, and what you’ve actually accomplished.

It gives you a way to designate the things that are happening in your life as “What I Did’s” or “Events,” and also to mark them as “Achievements.” You can designate which time periods you want to see them on, and sort them by Category as well.

All of this gives you an unprecedented ability to focus in on just those those Items you want to see. So, you can use What I Did to see all the things you have coming up in your life, as well as to see a record of the things you’ve done or your life’s past events.

The iPhone Version is On Its Way!


Soon you’ll also be able to use What I Did on your iPhone, and sync your data across your devices via iCloud!

Even better, this version will be included in the price of a standard What I Did subscription at no extra charge. (Pro Tip: We’re working to have this version out before the end of the year.)


Ways to Use It!

The Downstroke…

We’ve chosen the subscription pricing model for What I Did, as the best way to produce an app that is both high-quality and sustainable, while at the same time keeping your up-front cost as low as possible. However, we know that many people don’t like annual fees, so in addition to the one-year subscription we’ve also included two long-term options, i.e., three- and five-year subscriptions, as well.

Your subscription will include the iPhone version when that comes out at no additional charge. In the future, we plan to introduce a “Pro” version which will have some unique features and be available for an additional charge.


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