How to Backup and Transfer
Your TraxItAll Data

As with most software, it’s important to backup your TraxItAll data from time to time. You can also use this process to transfer your TraxItAll data from one device to another.

Backup Your TraxItAll Data

1. Open iTunes on your desktop computer and plug your phone into your desktop computer.

2. Click on the Icon for your device in the upper left-hand corner of iTunes to go to the device’s Summary screen.

3. Click the File Sharing tab on the left-hand column. iTunes will display the FIle Sharing window.

4. In the FIle Sharing window scroll down the list of apps until you come to TraxItAll.

5. The files for TraxItAll will be on the right-hand side of the screen. (Because of the layout of iTunes, you may need to click on that section of the screen and scroll back up a bit to see the files.)

6. The TraxItAll.sqlite file is the one that contains your TraxItAll data. Copy that to your desktop. You now have a backup of your TraxItAll data.

Transfer Your TraxItAll Data

to Another Device

1. If you want to copy your TraxItAll data to another device, disconnect the current device from your desktop computer, connect the other device, and follow the steps to access your TraxItAll data in iTunes as provided above.

2. Then, copy the backup TraxItAll.sqlite file that you just made from your desktop to the TraxItAll files folder in iTunes.

3. That data will now become the data for TraxItAll on the device that’s currently connected to your desktop computer,