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With the release of iOS 11 in September of 2017, TraxItAll no longer runs on iOS devices. The app, along with your data, will remain on your phone (unless of course you choose to delete it), but if you try to open it you will get a message stating that the app needs to be updated.

At this point, it seems very unlikely that we will release another version of TraxItAll on the App Store. We deeply regret this, but it’s just very difficult for a small developor to make the economics of such a large committment work.

However, we are in the process of seeking a buyer for this business, and the patent rights to the three-fold tracking system that was the basis for TraxItAll. If we can complete such a sale, then hopefully the buyer would put a new version of the app, or its replacement, back on the store.

For that reason, we still encourage you to keep TraxItAll on your iOS device, if you have not yet deleted it, so that if it ever does get updated, you will be notified of that event.

Again, we’re so sorry that we can’t provide a better outlook than this.


One Option: Use TraxItAll
On an Older Device

As far as continuing to use TraxItAll, there is one option that may work for some people. That is, if you have an old iPhone or iPad that you don’t need to, or can’t, update to iOS 11, you can run the current version of TraxItAll on that device until the new version comes out. You can still download TraxItAll to such devices from the iTunes store. (FYI, the iPhone 5 is the last phone that was not compatible with iOS 11; so, beginning with the iPhone 5S, almost all devices will be updated to iOS 11 or later.)

If you want to transfer your TraxItAll data to that device, please follow the instructions on this page:

How to Backup and Transfer your TraxItAll Data.